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Swim Team 

Swimming Boy
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The North Star Swim Team is comprised of three swimming groups. Our excellent coaching staff will assist with the placement of your child in the appropriate group: 


The Little Dippers

  • Swimmers receive in-water coach assistance for entire practice

  • Primary goal:  a 25-yd lap of each stroke legally

  • This group's focus is strictly mechanics

Rising Suns

  • Capable of swimming 10 consecutive laps

  • Legal or working towards legality in all four strokes

  • This groups focus is a split mechanics and training

  • The ultimate goal for swimmers in this group is to have a strong basis of mechanics for all four strokes and to have an understanding of the importance of training to improve one's skills

Shooting Stars

  • Legal in all four strokes

  • Capable of swimming 20 consecutive laps

  • This group is primarily a training group with mechanics worked into the training

  • The goal of the this group is to continue to improve mechanics and to drop time while becoming better at maintaining speed for distances


Questions about swim team? Contact Loni Maynerich, Swim Team Coordinator

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